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Animal Advice


Appointments are available with our vets from Monday to Saturday. Our vet will listen to your concern, thoroughly examine your pet and then help you decide on the best treatment plan. We may recommend blood tests, skin tests, xrays or ultrasound in order to assist with our diagnosis.

All Small Animals


Pets, like people, can be protected from some diseases by vaccination. Keeping your pet’s vaccines up to date is a very important part of keeping him/her healthy. We recommend a check-up once a year to have your pet’s health assessed and to have any vaccinations necessary, aswell as to get advice on your pet’s weight, diet and flea and worm control.

Tailored attention & care


We recommend neutering for most pets not intended for breeding. Dogs and cats can be neutered from six months of age. There are numerous longterm health benefits to neutering your pet.


In females, neutering:prevents unwanted litters, reduces the chances of mammary tumours, eliminates the chance of getting serious and life-threatening womb infections (pyometra) eliminates heat cycles

In males, neutering: eliminates the occurrence of testicular and certain peri-anal tumours, reduces the chance of prostate problems, reduces aggression, reduces roaming / straying, reduces urine marking

We use the safest anaesthetics, ensuring that your pet recovers quickly from the procedure and can usually return home on the day of surgery. We provide pain relief for home, a post-operative check at 2 days and a stitches out appointment 10 days later.

Vets Mitchelstown Surgery

Pet Services


As well as neutering, we also do many other surgeries at our clinic – from soft tissue surgeries like removing a tumour to orthopaedics. We use human-grade anaesthetics, which are the safest available, and monitor breathing and heart function using high tech monitoring equipment. For cases which require specialist surgery we will arrange a referral and help you choose a specialist for your pet’s care.

Vets Mitchelstown Dentist



Pets need dental care just like people do. Dental problems are common in dogs, cats and rabbits. Many of these problems can be very painful. Regular dental care can help prevent dental disease and infections. We have modern dental equipment to descale, polish and perform extractions where necessary.

  • Does your pet need dental attention?
Does your pet need dental attention?

Red or swollen gums
Loose teeth
Bleeding gums
Bad breath
If so, your pet may need veterinary attention and / or dental treatment.

Recent research suggests that dental disease can also contribute to other medical conditions such as kidney and heart disease.

Saying Goodbye


This can be a very difficult decision to make but with our pets, quality of life usually plays a big part in the decision in the end. Our caring staff will help you to cope through this difficult time. We also offer a cremation service. Group and private cremations are offered. With private cremations you can request to have your pet’s ashes returned in a wooden casket or a scatter box.

MicroChip Animals

Pet Services


Microchipping is a quick and inexpensive was of permanently identifying your pet. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin where it stays for the duration of your pet’s life. This can be done during a consultation. A microchip which is properly registered with your correct details is essential. Then your pet can be traced back to you quickly if found by a shelter or presented at a veterinary clinic.

Animal X-ray



We have our own in-house x-ray and ultrasound facilities. These can be helpful in investigations of health problems with your pet. X-rays can be used to diagnose various conditions such as fractures and arthritis as well as enlarged hearts and ingestion of foreign bodies such as tennis balls! Ultrasound is useful to detect pregnancies as well as disease of internal organs such as pyometras.

Vets Mitchelstown Tests

In house tests


In-house blood testing allows us to analyse your pet’s internal organ function. Blood testing is a key method of diagnosing a wide range of health problems in pets. Screening tests such as pre-anaesthetic blood tests, general health profiles and geriatric screens are also very useful to assess a patient’s overall health as well as suitability for anaesthetics and for certain medications. We also avail of the services of a external pathology laboratory for specialist tests if required.

Out of hours


Outside of office hours we provide an emergency service for our clients. This gives you the peace of mind that there is always a veterinary surgeon available for your pet.


Pet Passports

We can help you apply for a pet passport for your pet. Pets need to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies in order to qualify for a passport. Please be aware that you will need to organise a pet passport up to 8 months before travelling.

Vets Mitchelstown Clinics

New Customers


We offer a wide range of free clinics.
New Puppy and Kitten health checks with advice on feeding, flea and worm control, behaviour and general puppy and kitten care.Pre-Neutering check up: When your pet is 5-6 months old we offer a free check-up to ensure they are fit and ready to be neutered and also to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.Weight Clinics
We offer free weight clinics to help your pet lose those extra pounds. At these clinics, one of our nurses will work out a feeding and exercise regime to suit you and your pet. They will also monitor their progress along the way to their new slimmer, healthier life.

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